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Dr. Amy Marsh

Dr. Amy Marsh has all the requisite initials – EdD, DHS, ACS, CH – as well as a long life well lived with passion and verve. She is currently a clinical sexologist, hypnotist, sex educator, sex writer, and activist (Hawaiian independence, environmental health, da kine!).

Dr. Marsh formerly wrote a weekly column for Carnal Nation before that fine venue went belly-up, and her work can also be found on Good Therapy, YourTangoExperts, Jezebel, and MagCloud. She also blogs on WordPress as “Amy Marsh, Sexologist” which reminds her a bit of the “Amy Marsh, Star Nurse” book she once found in a thrift shop.

As a sexological expert, she has appeared on Tyra Banks, Good Morning America, and two episodes of National Geographic Taboo (one episode currently in production).

Currently, Dr. Marsh considers herself an Ornamental Hermit in Training (see Edith Sitwell, English Eccentrics). She will consider any reasonable offers to grace rustic “follies” in semi-tropical locations, preferably Hawai’i.