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Feb 16 / Mr. Science

Sex Trivia vs. Sexy Quizzes

Sexy quizzes from sources like the magazine Cosmopolitan (it was book research, I swear!) pose questions like: “What is your passion personality?” What these sexy quizzes usually leave out is real scientific facts. Then again, if these quizzes supplied accurate analysis they would have to boringly announce to virtually every quiz-taker that they are merely a sexually normal human.

Alternately, the sex facts and sexual trivia in this blog, website and book are designed to provide a better understanding of sexual health and human sexuality–not just a rating of your kinkiness.


Female sex fact: the etymology of some female body-parts.

  • Hymen: originally the Greek word for membrane.
  • Vagina: Latin word for sheath.
  • Clitoris: likely stems from Greek words meaning little hill or key.
  • Labia: derived from the Latin word meaning lips.
  • Mons Pubis: Latin word for mountain joined with the name for the bone beneath this spot.

Feb 8 / Mr. Science

Search Me!

After less than two weeks of having up and running, I am pleased to see that it is in the top 10 of multiple google searches!  The next question is: How many people actually find my blog/site by searching? Well, thanks to Google Analytics, I can answer that, at least for google searches…

33 visits from “do sperm have brains”

15 visits following “sperm brain”

1 visit from “”

1 visit  from “spermbrain”

As for the yahoo search engine, all I know is that my website is the #1 search result for both “do sperm have brains” and “sperm brain”…yahoooo! Now, getting to show up under some more typical web searches like “sex trivia” may take a little more time and a lot more search engine optimization (SEO)…


Feb 4 / Mr. Science

Life & Death

Who could ask for a more interesting topic than sex? Nobody. Unfortunately, just because I’m writing a book about sex does not mean every day is orgasmic. For example, today I worked to improve my book proposal, rewrite my query letter, find quotes, and complete the last puzzle in chapter five. Sometimes, writing a book about human sexuality is downright difficult.

When I hear someone sigh, ‘Life is hard,’ I am always tempted to ask, ‘Compared to what?’- -S Harris

Perspective is everything.

Jan 29 / Mr. Science

How long does sex take?

After spending a few hours trying to find scientific data to answer this question for Do Sperm Have Brains?, I concluded that, as usual, this sexual health question was trickier than I had anticipated. I was unable to find the average duration of sexual intercourse for humans, despite the fact that this information was readily available for many other animals. I did find some sexual health survey data, but it was dubious at best. For example, how accurately would (or could) you respond if you were surveyed for the duration of your last sexual encounter? Maybe a few science geeks would say: “Well today I clocked in at 3 minutes and 22 seconds,” but they would certainly be the odd exceptions!

Arthropod Facts: Different insects require different mating times.

  • Mosquito–quicker and cheaper than a Super Bowl commercial.
  • Fruit Fly–just enough time during the no-so-super halftime show.
  • Damselfly–screw the halftime show, they can go longer than an entire half!
Jan 28 / Mr. Science

My Book Shelf

The more I work on this project, the more sexual health books I discover. Many of them are not at the library, so my bookcase is really starting to scare me! Today I got another used sex book that answers a lot of the same questions in my book. However, instead of being written for the general adult population, this book is somewhat crassly aimed at the hookup/college student/singles crowd.

Notes from glancing over this sexual health book:

  • It’s a competitive publishing world out there, especially when it comes to books about sex.
  • There is a fine line between funny and crass, and it’s better to be neither than (cr)ass.
  • The sex trivia in Do Sperm Have Brains? is more interactive than the material in other sex books.

Societal fact: The Earth’s population (of humans) is rising rapidly. In fact, our global population grew by around 200,000 people just TODAY!

Jan 26 / Mr. Science

Writing a sex book is…

Writing a book about sex is fun, at least that’s what all my friends tell me. What they don’t seem to realize is that my project involves a lot more than writing about human sexuality–an absurdity in itself that I will leave for another day.

Today, my day consisted of registering my website with the search engines Google and Yahoo and trying to figure out what the hell SEO stood for (Search Engine Optimization). I won’t bore you with all the details of that, but lets just say that I was WAY out of my geek league–which was already scarily high.

Jan 18 / Mr. Science

Why Garfield Never Masturbates

For those of you who don’t know, I am writing the sexual health book Do Sperm Have Brains? based around the nearly 200 challenging sex-ed questions I fielded as a middle school science teacher.  This sex book is for ADULTS and while informative, it also entertains with humor, quotes and a variety of sex trivia questions that only a teacher could construct.

Daily Accomplishments:

  1. My website and blog are up and running! :)
  2. I wrote a joke about why Garfield never masturbates.

Feline Fact: All cats have backward penile spines. Ouch!