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Jan 24 / Mr. Science

Sex Your Brain 2011-12

Hey Sex Your Brain fans, I’m sorry about the long absence of news and updates!

I’ve just been really busy with my full time science teaching job (somebody has to pay the bills for this site) and brainstorming how to improve Sex Your Brain in 2012, which I’m really excited about.

Before we get to 2012 though, let’s take a look back at 2011 which was a HUGE year of growth for us…

Stats from Sex Your Brain in 2011:

Our Logo - Jan. 2011

  • Over 250,000 pageviews, up from 90,000 in 2010.
  • More than 5,000 completed sex surveys!
  • Increased our Facebook fan base to over 500…
  • Our readers spent over 3,000 hours reading our fun, free and educational sex trivia.
  • Our email subscriptions tripled in size.
  • We launched our Twitter account: SexYourBrain
  • We updated our website banner and logo!

So, what’s next?

Goals for Sex Your Brain in 2012:

Sex Your Brain 2012

  • Find 6-10 sex-pert writers to help contribute.
  • Surpass 500,000 pageviews.
  • Reach 1,500 Facebook fans.
  • Top 10,000 surveys, in 2012 alone.
  • Increase our email subscriptions five-fold.
  • Post the sex survey data into age/gender groups.
  • Include a monthly theme for blog articles to elicit more dialog, comments and debate.

Fortunately, we are already well on our way to reaching these goals, as I already have two amazing sex-perts lined up to contribute. Woot!

Our first new contributor/author is the veteran sex blogger Dr. Amy Marsh, a certified sexologist, who is absolutely one of the best, and most compassionate writers about human sexuality. We are very lucky to have her join us and here’s a sample of a recent video montage she put together: The Simplest Secret of Sex.

That’s all for now…but stay tuned for work from our new writers and more exciting additions to the Sex Your Brain team!

Mr. Science

Nov 2 / Mr. Science

Sex At Dawn Book Review

There are a lot of books written about sex, but most are either dull medical texts, or over-titillating trash.

Thankfully, Chirstopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá broke the mold on their ground breaking book, Sex At Dawn, about the evolution of human sexuality.

Sex at Dawn is a perfect combination of witty understanding and LONG years of research, as it fashions a compelling argument about how human sexuality evolved as a share-the-wealth resource, and has since morphed into a monogamous (as-in-MINE) resource with the advent of property ownership.

Critical Points from Sex At Dawn:
  • Ancient humans shared everything, including; their land, the animals and plants they ate, and their movable homes. Life was about sharing and sharing everything—even sex—benefited the entire tribe. The book includes vast evidence of the sharing that goes on in ancient and modern hunter/gatherer groups and how this is different from our modern “me” based society. It also provided some nice theories as to why sharing sex was so successful in hunter/gatherer societies (i.e. more fathers=more help).
  • When humans shifted to an agricultural society, from their hunter/gatherer lifestyle, it changed the world to revolve around “ownership”. Sex was no exception to this societal shift toward personal property, as sex is both a human need and highly marketable (just like food). It was the shift to land ownership and cultivation (plus help from the church) that led humans to tie the monogamal knot, thereby insuring access to the resources to feed our kin, while maintaining regular—if somewhat monotonous—access to sex.
  • The authors provide absurd amounts (even Mr. Science was amazed) of reproductive data from studies of humans and other primates that prove how the human reproductive system did NOT evolve for monogamy. It’s phucking fascinating, but you’ll have to read the book for the nitty-gritty bits…
  • The authors (who are married…) do NOT argue that monogamy can’t work. They just provide information on how humans evolved sexually and why monogamy is so difficult for SOME people.

Thanks for the exceptional read Chris (and Cacilda), and I’ll look forward to seeing your talk tonight in Portland. Sex At Dawn is a real inspiration to get my own book finished!

Mr. Science

Sep 23 / Mr. Science

Sex Related News Quiz

There have been an excess of interesting sex related news stories lately. So here’s a fun sex related news quiz to see how well you’ve been keeping up…

Recent News Quiz:
1. What percentage of the one million most popular websites are porn sites?

2. Which animal was recently in the news for having its semen collected by an "electroejaculation" probe?

3. Which human group was recently told by the world's largest sperm bank: "Please, no more donations!"?

4. Which product was recently recalled because of a major packaging mistake?

5. In four years of medical school, how much training does the average doctor get on LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) patients?

Aug 31 / Mr. Science

Sexy News Stories – August, 2011

Monthly summary of sexy news stories posted to our Facebook Page

August’s Sexy News Stories:
  • Who is Afraid of Hope Solo’s Nipple? – Why are we so afraid of the human body that we airbrush fully covered nipples off an American sports hero?
  • 15 Strangest Sexual Fetishes – A photographic gallery (non-erotic) of strange sexual fetishes, some much freakier (Ursuagalmatophilia) than others (Salirophilia).
  • Beyond a Public Health Model of Sexuality Education – Another quality article stressing the importance of early, and comprehensive, sex education.
  • Boost Your Libido with Vitamin B – The importance of vitamin B to a healthy sex life.
  • No Sex Education Please, We’re Chinese – An interesting look at the lack of sex education in China, and the problems it is causing.
  • Sex on the Brain – What areas of women’s brain correspond to different erogenous regions.
  • Rick Perry on Abstinence (video) – Governor and presidential hopeful Rick Perry defends his policies of abstinence only education in Texas, despite Texas having the 3rd highest teen pregnancy rate in the nation.
  • Bisexuals Do Exist – A new report documents that bisexuals exist—dispelling the silly conjectures that bisexuals are actually closeted homosexuals.
  • How Our Fear of Teen Sexuality Leaves More Teens Vulnerable – Former Surgeon General (and one of my idols) Joycelyn Elders explains why best teen contraceptive in the world is simply a good education.

Please subscribe to Sex Your Brain for our latest news stories and sex trivia fun. New questions, answers and sex quizzes will be posted shortly!

Happy September,
-Mr. Science

Aug 27 / Mr. Science

Sexiest Blogs of 2011

Check out this great blog that is seeking nominations for the sexiest blogs of 2011.

Then, nominate Sex Your Brain, or any other great sex related blog, before the deadline of August 31, 2011. Thanks for your support and make sure to check out some of the other sex blogs nominated, as many of them include hard working writers who rarely get noticed, despite their vivacious subject matter.

Thanks for all your support and I hope to get back to more regular sex trivia blogs in the next couple weeks, including updates about the sex survey—which now totals nearly 3,500 completed surveys!

Sex Trivia Fact of the Week:

Testosterone (one of the primary libido hormones) is 20-30% higher in the morning for both women and men. Interestingly, this higher level of testosterone isn’t thought to be the primary explanation for “morning wood”, but it is a nice explanation for why many couples cherish their weekend mornings in bed…

Mr. Science

Jul 31 / Mr. Science

Sexy News Stories – July, 2011

Welcome to a new feature here at Sex Your Brain called “Sexy News Stories”—where you get a monthly summary of the sexy news stories posted to our Facebook Page.

July’s Sexy News Stories:

Look for more fun sex trivia questions, and sexy news stories, here and on our oh-so-likable Facebook page…

Happy Hot Summer!
-Mr. Science

Jul 21 / Mr. Science

Am I Normal?

People often wonder how normal their genitals are—and for good reason since most people (who are heterosexuals) have few opportunities to compare their sex organs.

Therefore, many of the most common sex questions are versions of: “Am I normal?”

Common Sex Questions:

How big is the average penis?

Are folds and flaps normal down THERE?

How big is a normal vagina?

However, my answers in the links above come up well short of the following GREAT videos, one for each gender, which enlighten how many different sizes and shapes human genitals come in.

Both videos are incredibly informative and worth every second of your time.

I would rate both videos somewhere around PG-13…but I’m all about freedom of speech when it comes to sex education.

-Mr. Science

The Perfect Vagina


My Penis and Everyone Else’s