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Mar 20 / Mr. Science

Sex Ed – Frogs, Dogs & Humans…

Mr. ScienceI love this hysterical monologue by Julia Sweeney describing her explanations to an 8 year old about science of sex.

What starts off a simple science conversation about how frog eggs turn into tadpoles evolves into a discussion about how other animals (including humans) have sex, and even into watching dog mating videos on YouTube! This is a must see video…

We all want to be honest with our kids about sex, but sometimes it’s VERY difficult to do and just brings about more questions about sex.

There is no perfect way to teach about the science of sex to an eight year old (or an eighty year old), but I loved Julia’s story of how she did the best she could.

I firmly believe that the world would be a better place if more people were willing to explain frog sperm over a plate of green curry…

-Mr. Science

PS. My favorite analogy from the video: “It’s like having a waste treatment plant right next to an amusement park.”

Mar 18 / Mr. Science

Survey Stats – Lifetime Sexual Partners

Sex SurveyAfter a few weeks of having the sex survey up and running, it’s time to start doing some analysis.

One question immediately comes to mind: Who are these survey takers? Are they a bunch of sex wackos or perhaps a normal subset of human sexuality stumbling around the internet?

To answer that question, I will compare my survey results to other major sex surveys that cover a broad spectrum of human sexuality. If the percentage of my strangest survey result is similar to these big national surveys, then I will sleep peacefully knowing that my website visitors are no stranger than the rest of the world…

So, after 187 surveys, here is one result that was surprisingly high to me:

22.7% have had sex with more than 15 sexual partners in their lifetime.


Nearly a quarter of survey takers have slept with enough people to conceivably lose track of the number—hence the need for notches in bedposts or diaries. That seems like a LOT to boring old Mr. Science, but let’s see how it stacks up against the statistics of other sexual surveys:

One study found 14% of adult women to have slept with over 20 partners. This significantly less than our 22.7% but this study added on 5 more partners and only surveyed females. (Men and women count their number of sexual partners VERY differently—men tend to OVERestimate, while women underESTIMATE their sexual statistics…but that’s another blog post.)

On the men’s side, one large sex survey that found that 29% of men had slept with more than 15 partners, which is in line with the slightly lower 22.7% that we have for both genders combined.


Now, I can sleep tonight knowing that my survey takers fall well within the normal range, if there IS such a thing as “normal”.

Happy Surveying!
-Mr. Science

Mar 13 / Mr. Science

Penis Rock

Phallic Rock

60 feet of sandstone!

Here’s some exciting news…after a LOT of work on the website and a new layout, Sex Your Brain! is ready for more traffic!

We now we have a fabulous new sex survey, a members–only quiz section and fresh daily quizzes for everybody!

It’s also been a while since I’ve posted a quiz in this blog, so here is one based on this “organically” shaped rock.

Penis Rock Quiz:
I. Which state is this rock located in?

II. What's the local name of this organically shaped rock?

III. The star trails in the image BELOW are caused by what?

Star Struck

Photo courtesy of Doug Arrasin

Mar 7 / Mr. Science

Does sex education lower pregnancy rates?

Here’s a question that politicians, parents, sex educators and the general public LOVE to debate: Does comprehensive sex (or abstinence only) education reduce teen pregnancy rates and is it really worth teaching?

Why are we so questioning about if teaching comprehensive sex education reduces unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases? Of course it does!

In fact, one study reported that comprehensive sex education reduces unwanted pregnancies by a whopping 60%!

In my opinion, abstinence education is NOT an alternative to comprehensive sex education. So while it’s a good idea to point out the dangers of sex and the benefits of waiting for the right relationship, it’s MUCH more important to teach kids about how to keep themselves healthy when they DO choose to become sexually active, at whatever age that is.

Furthermore, there have been numerous large studies on abstinence education and NONE of them has found it effective at reducing unwanted pregnancies or preventing sexually transmitted infections. For example, here’s one federally funded study—the bars in blue representing the students who received abstinence education, while the white bars are students who did not.

Additionally, the average age of a U.S. youth to first have sex is 17, while the average age people get married is 26! What more statistics are needed to prove that abstinence-only education does NOT work? Clearly, comprehensive sex education is only the way to go and it’s time for us to ante up the funding and teaching resources to include comprehensive sex education to EVERY student—thus saving our society billions of dollars spent on unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.

-Mr. Science

Other Perspectives about Sex Education, Abstinence & Teen Pregnancy:

Abstinence Sex Education Does Not Reduce Teen Sexual Activity

Why Teen Pregnancy is a Poverty Problem

Abstinence-only Sex Education Funding is On Its Way Out

Comprehensive Sex Education: Research & Results

Abstinence-only education is like telling kids not to eat candy because we don’t want to educate them about how to brush their teeth!


Feb 22 / Mr. Science

Duck Sex

Enjoy this Green Porno film about suck dex, oops, I mean Duck Sex.

Duck Sex

Fido didn't watch the video to see that female ducks have vaginas that are only receptive to corkscrew shaped penises...


Jan 25 / Mr. Science

2010 Sex-pert Awards

Sex TrophyAfter teaching and writing about the science of sex for several years, there is only one thing I know for sure—I am NOT a sex expert. Sex is far too complicated for me to become a sex-pert in a few short years.

Don’t get me wrong, I know a lot about the science of human sexuality and I believe strongly in my quest to educate people and improve communication around sexual issues, but I cannot diagnose or fix sexual problems like a reproductive specialist or certified sex therapist.

My hat goes off to the many sex experts out who strive to help people with very specific sexual concerns, thus making the world a sexually happier and healthier place.

Mr. Science’s 2010 Sex-pert Awards:

Geeky Goddess: Emily Nagoski’s aptly named blog—The Sex Nerd—is only a year old, yet garners attention for spirited dialog, scientific detail and articulate advice about sex and sexuality. Here is one of my favorite posts from Nerdy Nagoski: Ask For What You Want.

To Beaver or not to Beaver: Sex educator Tristan Taormino has written seven books about sex and teaches sex education workshops around the world. She was appropriately chosen as the keynote speaker at an Oregon State University’s (home of the Beavers) 2011 Modern Sex Conference. Unfortunately, OSU has now uninvited her because she has produced produced some “feminist pornography” showing real women and real orgasms. Apparently OSU is dismissing her extensive knowledge of sex education due to some videos she has produced showing real women sexually enjoying themselves—in contrast to a lot of sleezy porn that objectifies women. OSU made a lot of angry Beavers (including this Oregon State Alum) with their decision, but they cannot take away the fact that Ms. Taormino is one of the top sex-perts of 2010.

STI Overload: No, not sexually transmitted “infections”…but information. Cory Silverberg posts so much great, fresh information about sex that it becomes difficult to keep up with it. I pledge to do a better job reading it all in 2011 than I did in 2010!

Author’s Award: Lisa Lombardi and Dr. Roshini Raj‘s 2010 Q&A book about women’s bodies titled: What the Yuck? Few sex books hold up to my readability and scientific standards, but this is one of the better ones!

Brainy Blog: Dr. Marty Klein‘s three year old blog is always one of the first to point out the sexually smart (and stupid!) things people can do to boost their Sexual Intelligence. Here is one of my favorite posts: Abortion & Birth Control.

Golden Blog: Regina Lynn’s blog Sex Rev 2.0 has included great insights and dialog about sex for five fun-filled years! I hope I am still writing with similar gusto in 2015!

Cheers to all the award winners and the one-year anniversary of Sex Your Brain,
-Mr. Science


Jan 18 / Mr. Science

Quiz: Sex Your Brain!

Sex Your Brain!

How sexy smart are you?

After nearly a year of updating this website and blog, I am glad to have finally settled on a fitting name: Sex Your Brain. As you may imagine, it was extremely difficult for me to select a concise site name that also encapsulated the unique trivia questions, answers, and quizzes that this website is based upon.

Fortunately, I think “Sex Your Brain” does this far better than the previous site names—which were selected more for their searchability. In celebration of the new name, here’s a spanking new quiz on which to stretch, or sex, your brain:

Please go to Quiz: Sex Your Brain! to view the quiz