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Sep 20 / Mr. Science

More Sexual Myths Uncovered

A couple months ago I wrote a popular blog about silly sexual myths posted on the internet. Here is a related list of six more absurdities that started circulating well before the invention of the internet…

More Myths about Sex:

  • Men think about sex twice as much as women. Fortunately, mind-reading machines are only in their infancy and this remains a myth!
  • Men prefer women with big breasts. Check out this blog highlighting the attention that different cup sizes receive. However, this “research” does little to prove that men prefer bigger breasts, only that human breasts are eye magnets…no different than when you notice the 6’8″ guy in the mall.
  • Women have lower sex drives than men. Also untrue. Sex drive varies strictly by the individual and is not gender determined. Unless you consider consuming red wine or chocolate and then it pays to be female!
  • Healthy penises are not curved. False, many men have perfect penises that are curvy. For more details, check out one of my favorite blogs!
  • Men think about sex every seven seconds. FALSE! However, there are silly reports that state men think about sex every 52 seconds, while women think about sex once a day. These numbers are just as bogus at the old seven second myth.
  • Hormone levels are always the cause of low sex drive. Although a person’s hormone level is related to their sex drive, it is only ONE of the many factors influencing our sexual drive. Check out this great blog for more information.

-Mr. Science


Sep 14 / Mr. Science

Facebook Fan Page

Please check out the new Sex Trivia with Mr. Science facebook page that has updates on new content. Also, you may click “like” on the Sex Trivia with Mr. Science sidebar to receive our fresh content on Facebook.

Thanks for your support and it is exciting to see this site bringing in more dedicated readers and quiz takers every week.

Happy Holidays!
-Mr. Science


Aug 25 / Mr. Science

Book Progress

So at least once a week I run into a friend of mine who asks: “Hey, when is your book, Do Sperm Have Brains? gonna finally be finished?”

Unfortunately, my answer is still the same: “I wish I knew!”

Currently, I am making progress in both rewriting the first five chapters and also adding additional content. The trick is that I have this website to update as well and they both take time. Now that this website is in better shape and gathering steam/readers, I can get back to working wholeheartedly on the book!

I’m also in the process of making some deadlines for myself and here is what it looks like. Right now I’m reworking some stuff in the first few chapters and I would like to have the first few chapters solidified by New Year’s. Then Mr. Science will finish the second half of the book this spring. :)

Keep grilling me when I’ll be done and I promise to complete it so all you impatient readers can get your grubby hands on it! Until then, I hope you’ll stay satiated with Mr. Science’s online trivia…


Aug 7 / Mr. Science

Flower Pimps, or Pollinators?

Instead of penises, plants use other living organisms to do their dirty work. Explore this trivia set by naming five common flower pollinators.

Flower Fertilizers:
1. The caterpillar does all the work but the __________ gets all the publicity.

2. Float like a butterfly. Sting like a __________.

3. The only group of birds capable of flying backwards is __________.

4. Despite their extraordinary strength and toughness, __________ are often noticed only for their attractive hills or mounds.

5. Only three out of over 1100 species of __________ thrive on blood.


Jul 18 / Mr. Science

Sex Trivia with Mr. Science

I have now worked on this website for six months and it is nice to see that I have some consistent readers who check back to see what’s going on.

I am also getting about 50 new readers a day here and that is a great start for this crazy blog. I hope to continue adding to those numbers and please let me know if you have good ideas for publicizing this educational website so that more people can enjoy it.

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Thanks for your interest and I will be posting more sex trivia shortly.
-Mr. Science


Jul 13 / Mr. Science

Quiz: Song or Sexy Question?

Identify each of the following sex trivia questions as a famous song or an anonymous question fielded in my middle school science classes.

Receive extra credit for naming the artists of the songs…

Please go to Quiz: Song or Sexy Question? to view the quiz


Jun 30 / Mr. Science

Why are we learning about this “stuff”?

Book Question: “Why are we learning about this stuff?”

Answering pubescent questions scrawled on three-by-five note cards is like playing the lottery, I never win. The first time I read this anonymous question aloud in front of my class, I began daydreaming about the more typical middle school science fare of photosynthesis, the solar system, and cell anatomy—where penises and vaginas are thankfully absent. Perhaps my students would rather I return to teaching the more traditional science fare? That might be my winning ticket!

Only the silence snapped me out of my fleeting dream back to the sour smell of 30-plus eighth graders staring expectantly at me. Weird (the staring and silence). Not only were all of the teenage specimens keeping their hands to themselves, but they were as motionless as the lonely bathroom pass hanging from its well-worn hook. Apparently, everyone, from Goth groupies to the soccer stars wearing neon jerseys, had a reason to pay attention to this stuff. My job—albeit an underpaid one—was to teach it to them.

What I calmly told my classes was along the lines of: “You need to know how the human reproductive systems work because your ability to make wise sexual decisions is positively influenced by your understanding. The more you know about the biology and psychology of sex, the better equipped you are to avoid unhealthy decisions (narrowly avoiding the word mistakes).”

Fortunately, humans filter words for their own purposes and here is what my students likely heard from me: “You had better get this shit straight so you don’t end up pregnant or with some incurable disease!” Kids are a lot smarter than we give them credit for.

-Mr. Science