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Jun 17 / Mr. Science

Sex and the World Cup

Ten Trivial Similarities between the World Cup and Sex:

10. Football (soccer) & sex are the most popular activities in the world!

9. People spend billions of dollars to watch people do “it”

8. Sometimes things happen quicker than we anticipate…

7. Every culture has different ways of celebrating

6. Hair, or lack thereof, is closely considered…

5. Getting dirty is part of the fun…

4. Players need time to recuperate between workouts

3. Closing your eyes can have dangerous ramifications…

2. Getting dressed for the occasion is half the fun…

1. Take a long look at special shape of the World Cup…

Jun 7 / Mr. Science

American Sex Education

Finally, we have an American president who is looking for ways to improve sex education. The Obama administration just announced it is going to increase funding by $114 million to provenly effective sex education programs. This means cash for programs that comprehensively educate students and young adults about the many risks of sex and ways to reduce these risks during sexual activity.

Educating people about sex is not an easy task though. In fact, in my recent survey of sex education effectiveness, parents, schools and the mass media all have average effectiveness scores of less than 2.5 out of 5 points.  Clearly American sex education leaves a lot to be desired–regardless of who is doing the teaching.

One way to monitor the effectiveness of American sex education is to examine the unintended teen pregnancy rate compared to other industrialized nations. The U.S. has the highest teen pregnancy rate of any developed nation. Scarily, almost one third of all females get pregnant before their 20th birthday and over 80% of these pregnancies are unintended. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the American version of sex education gets a big fat F for failure–or lack of financial effort.

Teen pregnancies cost taxpayers over nine BILLION dollars a year–making the $114 million hand-out downright pathetic. Hopefully someday we Americans will value sex education the way we value big business and military supremacy. For our failure to teach people about sex is just as expensive as losing a war–only the biggest losers of this war are our own sons and daughters who are unprepared to handle the complexities and responsibilities of their own sexuality.

So thank you Obama & Company for putting more money towards American sex education than the previous administration. Unfortunately, $114 million just isn’t going to cut it.

-Mr. Science


May 26 / Mr. Science

Sex Education Poll

A sex education poll is temporarily included on the homepage of Sex Trivia with Mr. Science. This anonymous survey is gathering information about how people initially learned, or “found out”, about sex.

The primary goal of the poll is to discover how sex education has changed over time. For example, while younger generations have more access to sexual information–via the digitized mass media–is this electronic information more valuable than the friendly old rumor mill? Or is it just more of the same?


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May 13 / Mr. Science

How long can sperm live outside the body?

The word “sperm” was derived from the Greek word “sperma”–meaning “seed”. So how long can these seeds survive outside the human body?

Minutes, hours or days?

Unfortunately, there are no scientific studies of how sperm dries—or dies—on different surfaces. I guess there just isn’t much money being made from dehydrated sperm.

Barring real scientific studies, what is the general consensus of doctors about how long can sperm live outside the human body? A quick Google search uncovers hundreds of “answers” ranging from a few stricken seconds to three days of lounging around!

Which sperm would you choose?

Spermatic Trivia Questions:
1. How long do sperm live outside the body?

2. How long does it take sperm to mature in the testicles?

3. Males produce more than __________ sperm a day.

4. About __________ of a man's ejaculate is composed of sperm cells.

5. Sperm may live up to __________ DAYS in the female reproductive system.


“It is a well-documented fact that guys will not ask for directions. This is a biological thing. This is why it takes several million sperm cells…to locate a female egg, despite the fact that the egg is, relative to them, the size of Wisconsin.” –Dave Barry

May 5 / Mr. Science

Silly Sexual Myths

The internet is full of fun “facts”, but don’t believe everything you find! Consider these sexual myths, posted as facts, on popular trivia websites.

Top Ten Sex Myths (with explanations)

10. It’s illegal to have sex in Nevada without a condom. (In Nevada, it’s illegal to have sex with a PROSTITUTE without a condom.)

9. A bull can inseminate 300 cows with one ejaculation. (Only when his semen is used to ARTIFICIALLY inseminate the cows. Poor bull.)

8. Left-handed males are more likely to have a lower right testicle. (Handedness has nothing to do with which testicle droops lower–usually the left.)

7. For birth control, Ancient Egyptian women inserted stones in the vagina. The stones worked like a modern IUD to prevent implantation. (Yeah, a stone in the vagina is a just like an IUD positioned inside the uterus!)

6. Minks have sex for eight hours. (Only in mythical minky pornos.)

5. It’s illegal in Florida to have sex with a porcupine. (No special laws exist to prevent foolish Floridians from fraternizing with these spiny fellows.)

4. One in 200 women have an extra nipple. (The actual ratio is closer to 1 in 20. And for BOTH genders.)

3. Bats have the highest rate of homosexuality in mammals. (Bats, like most mammals have been observed in homosexual behavior, but no more than many other “happy” mammals.)

2. Women prefer chocolate to sex. (This myth arose via “research” done by a company that manufactured chocolate cereal bars.)

1. The odors of lavender, licorice and doughnuts increase blood flow to the penis. (Mmm…doughnuts.)

-Mr. Science



Apr 30 / Mr. Science

Testicle Trivia with Mr. Science

Whatever you like to call them–testicles, nuts, balls, jewels or nads–these reproductive male organs are sometimes the cause of great discomfort. Consider these testicular examples:

1. Being hit in the nuts by a soccer ball–or perhaps a stray foot. (Like the goalkeeper who had one of his testicles ripped via another player’s cleat!)

2. Getting “blue balls” from extended sexual arousal. (Yes, this can cause a dull ache. And no, the balls do not actually turn blue.)

3. Agonizingly trying to think up some interesting testicle trivia questions for my book and website.

So after struggling with #3 all day, I turned to my highly paid Writer’s Coach (a library book) to find my solution. Thankfully, Jack (also an Oregonian) came through for me just like he always does. My new plan was to come up with a rough outline BEFORE I sat down at my computer. So where the hell does a person think up semi-solid ideas for testicle trivia anyway? The bath, that’s where.

The tub was the perfect spot. Not only did it put me in close proximity to my testicles (for close consultation), but it also removed me from surfing the internet for silly testicle factoids. The bath also gave me time to think. According to Coach Jack, thinking is imperative. Good advice, Jack.

So now you’re probably wondering if I had a “Eureka moment” hot-tubbing with my testicles. In fact, I most certainly did. I, however, unlike Archimedes did not run naked through the city streets shouting “Eureka, I’ve found it, Eureka, I’ve found it.” (If I had done that, an overly polite Oregonian would have undoubtedly asked me what I had found…only to have me sputter incoherently about some nutty festival.)

Please go to Testicle Trivia with Mr. Science to view the quiz


“Girls have got balls. They are just a little higher up, that’s all.” –Joan Jett

Apr 22 / Mr. Science

Is an asymmetrical labia normal?

The question of whether or not it is “normal” to have an asymmetrical labia (the folds of skin around the vagina) is a popular one over at Yahoo Answers and The basic answer is: Yes, it is very common for women to have an asymmetrical labia. Notice I did not use the word “normal” because normal is a terrible word for describing our unique body differences. In fact, recently, identical twins were documented to have physical differences based on how their DNA is activated! So, I guess we just have to get over the fact that none of us are normal—regardless of the symmetry of our genitals.

On a side note, I think the plural of labia being labium is grammatically annoying. Is it a woman’s labia or her labium when we are talking about her inner labia? This inner labia includes two—possibly asymmetrical—lips (one on each side), so does that make them labium? Then when we throw in the outer labia (labia majora), what do we call the complete set of major and minor labial lips?!

Perhaps I’ll just stick to calling that lippy area as that is a lot less lip-locking.

New Labia Trivia:

Please go to Is an asymmetrical labia normal? to view the quiz


Why is brassiere singular and panties plural? –Bill Sadgarden