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May 22 / Dr. Amy Marsh

Book: Transitions of the Heart – Mothers of Trans Kids Tell Their Stories

The “children” are of all ages – tiny to advanced in years. I’m a contributor to this book – and too connected to review it, so I suggest you check out this review at Kirkus, where the book is called a “stark, important anthology.”

What I can share is my own emotional response to the book. I’ve been too excited to wait for the publisher’s copy and so yesterday I bought one off the shelf of a local Berkeley bookstore. And I devoured it in one sitting. I was so riveted by the accounts written by other mothers!

In reading this book, I realize how isolated I’ve been as a parent – emotionally and in terms of community. I have two amazing children, but no one to really engage with around the little things and the bigger milestones. There are personal reasons for this, and I won’t go into them – I mention this only because I didn’t realize how accustomed I’ve become to this isolation. Now, it’s as if the floodgates are open. I crave community, conversation, and deeper involvement – particularly around the issue of being the parent of a transgender kid.

Will this book help me find all this?

This craving must have been working its way up to the surface this last week, before I even read the book, because three days ago I found myself creating a Meet-Up group for parents of trans kids. No one has contacted me yet, and perhaps these two meetings (the first in June) will go unnoticed and unattended. But I hope some kindred parental spirits find the meeting, and me!

What do I want to talk about? Fear. Definitely fear, transphobia, providing job training, activism, tender stories about our kids, all sorts of things. What it felt like when my oldest kid moved out… The kinds of things you only share with someone else raising a kid. The kinds of things you can only share with someone who is also grappling with how to best nurture gender variance.

We have a book party and reading taking place June 6 at Books, Inc. in Berkeley, CA. I’ll be there with four other contributors who will be sharing from the book. If any Sex Your Brain readers are in the SF Bay Area, I invite you to come on down.

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