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Mar 24 / Dr. Jen

Wishing You a Queer Hello!

Hello from the blogosphere! I am happy to be joining you. I am Dr. Jen, and I consider myself to be a queer theorist and sex educator. Don’t know what that means? Well, then you better keep reading my blog then, right?

I’ve been pondering how to begin blogging and I thought an introduction might be best. I work as a social justice educator and researcher within higher education. I am specifically interested in two things – queer students and rural sociology – and how these two interact in public schools. I just did a national study of sex educators who work in rural environments and are queer-inclusive. But, let me not get ahead of myself here, I’ve got lots of internet time to share all that with you…

So, on a personal note, I am legally married to my female-identified partner of 13 years, and we have a house and a dog and two cats. I identify as female myself. In “polite” circles the term lesbian is used to describe me, in the inner sanctum I would identify as queer. Why? Well, keep reading my blog and find out!

I want my blog to help inform you, let you know what’s on my mind, and help bring a queer perspective and attitude to the blogging universe. I have had to fight a lot of battles about the word queer, and here I plan on sharing some of that with you. Stay tuned.

Finally, I encourage you to contact me with questions! I would love to write directly to what you need and/or what you’re thinking. Engage me, peeps! I’m here for you!

Dr. J.

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  1. Mr. Science / Mar 25 2012

    What a teaser of a first post Dr. Jen!

    I’m excited to read more about what you have to say on this sexual labeling topic. I think sexual labels are SO difficult and sometimes misleading…so I can definitely understand and relate to why the word “queer” might be more accurate than many other labels. It’s way more inclusive!

    I’m a boring old hetero male and sometimes even I feel a bit queer, because there is NO “normal” in the way of human sexuality.

    I look forward to more of your input on this important topic of sexual labels/types!

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