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Book: Do Sperm Have Brains?

The conception of Do Sperm Have Brains?:

After years of gathering hundreds of anonymous sex questions in my middle school science classroom and sharing them with amused friends and colleagues, one response consistently struck me: “Well, what is the answer to that?” Initially, this reaction startled me, but eventually I came to realize that adolescents are not the only ones mystified by the science of sex. So I decided to write a book for adults, both young and old, who are curious about sex.

Book Details:

Do Sperm Have Brains? will answer 101 sexual mysteries with fun facts and quizzes that everyone can enjoy. Like this website, the book will be science-based, easily digestible and include LOTS of crazy questions and quizzes—only the book will include more elaborate quizzes (non-multiple-choice!) and expanded stories.

Publication Info:

I am at work on the sex trivia in chapter five (“Let’s Go All the Way”) and hope to complete this nine-chapter book in 2011. As things progress, I will update this website, blog and facebook fan page with additional information.

Your Suggestions:

Please contact me if you have any ideas on the making or marketing of this project. I am especially interested in input from writers, physicians, educators, sex therapists and marketers, but I wholeheartedly welcome anyone’s contribution to this massive project!


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