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Sexy Links

sexy links

Sex Etc. – Sex education – by teens, for teens!

AASECT – Association of sex educators, counselors & therapists.

National Writers Union – Protecting the rights of writers, in all mediums.

Sex Information & Education Council – Educating, advocating and informing.

San Francisco Sex Information – Facts and advice about sex and sexuality.

SEX-ceptional Blogs:

Sexuality Blog – Sex tips, talk and toys from

Sexual Intelligence – the culture, politics and media of sex.

Sex, Honestly – Promotes clear communication around sexual issues.

Adult Sexuality Education – Straight (and gay!) talk about sexuality.

Ohh My… – A British blogger discusses issues of sex and sexuality

The Best Sex Books:

Sex at Dawn (Christopher Ryan) – How We Mate & Why We Stray – By C. Ryan & C. Jetha

Bonk – The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex – By Mary Roach

Woman – An Intimate Geography – By Natalie Angier

Sex Smart – How Your Childhood Shaped Your Sexual Life – By Aline Zoldbrod

The Hite Report – A Nationwide Study of Female Sexuality – By Shere Hite

The Underground Guide to Teenage Sexuality – By Michael J. Basso

More Sexy Links:

Ohh My… – Fun sexual facts from this great new British blog.

Pucker Up – Tristan Taormino’s sex positive salon of sexy fun.

Sex Ed. Library – Free lesson plans for sexual health educators.

The Glossary of Sex – Concise definitions of sex terms and slang words.

Hot & Healthy Sex Radio Show- Jenny Friend promotes hot and healthy sex.