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Jan 25 / Mr. Science

2010 Sex-pert Awards

Sex TrophyAfter teaching and writing about the science of sex for several years, there is only one thing I know for sure—I am NOT a sex expert. Sex is far too complicated for me to become a sex-pert in a few short years.

Don’t get me wrong, I know a lot about the science of human sexuality and I believe strongly in my quest to educate people and improve communication around sexual issues, but I cannot diagnose or fix sexual problems like a reproductive specialist or certified sex therapist.

My hat goes off to the many sex experts out who strive to help people with very specific sexual concerns, thus making the world a sexually happier and healthier place.

Mr. Science’s 2010 Sex-pert Awards:

Geeky Goddess: Emily Nagoski’s aptly named blog—The Sex Nerd—is only a year old, yet garners attention for spirited dialog, scientific detail and articulate advice about sex and sexuality. Here is one of my favorite posts from Nerdy Nagoski: Ask For What You Want.

To Beaver or not to Beaver: Sex educator Tristan Taormino has written seven books about sex and teaches sex education workshops around the world. She was appropriately chosen as the keynote speaker at an Oregon State University’s (home of the Beavers) 2011 Modern Sex Conference. Unfortunately, OSU has now uninvited her because she has produced produced some “feminist pornography” showing real women and real orgasms. Apparently OSU is dismissing her extensive knowledge of sex education due to some videos she has produced showing real women sexually enjoying themselves—in contrast to a lot of sleezy porn that objectifies women. OSU made a lot of angry Beavers (including this Oregon State Alum) with their decision, but they cannot take away the fact that Ms. Taormino is one of the top sex-perts of 2010.

STI Overload: No, not sexually transmitted “infections”…but information. Cory Silverberg posts so much great, fresh information about sex that it becomes difficult to keep up with it. I pledge to do a better job reading it all in 2011 than I did in 2010!

Author’s Award: Lisa Lombardi and Dr. Roshini Raj‘s 2010 Q&A book about women’s bodies titled: What the Yuck? Few sex books hold up to my readability and scientific standards, but this is one of the better ones!

Brainy Blog: Dr. Marty Klein‘s three year old blog is always one of the first to point out the sexually smart (and stupid!) things people can do to boost their Sexual Intelligence. Here is one of my favorite posts: Abortion & Birth Control.

Golden Blog: Regina Lynn’s blog Sex Rev 2.0 has included great insights and dialog about sex for five fun-filled years! I hope I am still writing with similar gusto in 2015!

Cheers to all the award winners and the one-year anniversary of Sex Your Brain,
-Mr. Science



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  1. Waterboy / Feb 9 2011

    OSU has reversed that decision to uninvite Tristan Taormino

    Also, I didn’t realize that the trophy shown above was also given for the sex-pert awards. I would have fought harder for it.


  2. Mr. Science / Feb 9 2011

    Nice, I didn’t know they had un-uninvited her…that’s great and should make for an amusing speech at Oregon State.

    Even more amusing is the fact that Ms. Taormino has now scheduled a talk at the University of Oregon the following day titled “My Life as a Feminist Pornographer.” It sounds like the U of O Ducks don’t have a problem with how she makes her living and I’m sure she’ll enjoy mocking the rival Beavers at that speech!

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