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May 25 / Mr. Science

Botany is Sexy!

Botany is Sexy

Galapagos Flower, 2009

Today, I was teaching about flowers (plant sex) in a high school botany class when I realized there are some sexy biology words missing from the English dictionary.

Now, you might wonder what words could be absent from 171,476 words that are “in-use” in the Oxford English Dictionary, but there are some of important ones!

Flower Trivia:

Unlike humans, most flowers are hermaphrodites and contain male (yellow feathery things in the photo) AND female (white stick-like thing in the photo) organs.

Like humans (Stick with me on this plant junk…), the organs of flowers each have their own scientific name like: anther, ovum, filament, ovary, stigma, style, or carpals. More importantly though, scientists also have names for the composite male and female organs of a flower. The female parts of a flower are called the “pistil” and the combined male parts are named the “stamen”.

Botany is Sexy!

So, how come human anatomy has no such words for the male and female reproductive systems? These important groups of human organs need names. Not pistil and stamen, but human names that are complementary to the oddities of the human reproductive systems.

Sadly, it’s nearly 1AM and I’ve drawn a complete blank on what these words should be.

I’m off to bed and I look forward to your comments/ideas!

-Mr. Science

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  1. Golf God / May 31 2011

    My reproductive system is known as “The Jackhammer”.

  2. SB / Jun 1 2011

    No wonder the ladies run when they see you coming Golf God!

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