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Aug 25 / Mr. Science

Book Progress

So at least once a week I run into a friend of mine who asks: “Hey, when is your book, Do Sperm Have Brains? gonna finally be finished?”

Unfortunately, my answer is still the same: “I wish I knew!”

Currently, I am making progress in both rewriting the first five chapters and also adding additional content. The trick is that I have this website to update as well and they both take time. Now that this website is in better shape and gathering steam/readers, I can get back to working wholeheartedly on the book!

I’m also in the process of making some deadlines for myself and here is what it looks like. Right now I’m reworking some stuff in the first few chapters and I would like to have the first few chapters solidified by New Year’s. Then Mr. Science will finish the second half of the book this spring. :)

Keep grilling me when I’ll be done and I promise to complete it so all you impatient readers can get your grubby hands on it! Until then, I hope you’ll stay satiated with Mr. Science’s online trivia…


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