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Jun 24 / Mr. Science

Shame Free Radio Show

My apologies. It’s been too long since I’ve written any fun sex trivia questions, or anything at all for that matter. Finally, it’s officially my summer break from science teaching and I’m looking forward to writing and posting more regularly. Do you have any suggestions for me or should I start digging into my swelling list of reader questions?

Tune in for some of the overdue answers to sexy reader questions on the Shame Free Radio Show that I’ll be joining on Monday, June 25 at 9PM. The host of the show is author, sex educator and relationship coach Veronica Monet (and fellow Beaver) and I’m saving some of our most interesting sex questions just for her!

Do you have a sex question that you want answered? Then ask it HERE. Or simply call in to the show at (888) 627-6008. Shame Free Radio is on air from 9-10 PM (Pacific time) every Monday and call-ins are encouraged.

Plus, Veronica and I will undoubtedly discuss some of the results of the 7,500+ sex surveys that continue to pile up…so tune in for those as well.

I promise to post some more fun sex trivia questions, answers and sex survey results for you soon!

Happy Summertime,
Mr. Science

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