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Jan 28 / Mr. Science

The Ultimate Guide to Sex After Fifty – by Joan Price

Sex after 50My first thought upon hearing about The Ultimate Guide to Sex After Fifty was: “Oh God, do we really need another sex guide?” There are so many sex books and most of them are either bone dry texts, or Cosmo-esque pretzel guides—bound only to infuriate. Fortunately, I was glad to see that this new book was written by the brilliant and beautiful Joan Price, so I had to pick it up, even if I wasn’t thrilled to learn about the sex I might be lucky enough to have in ten years.

The Nuts & Bolts: The Ultimate Guide to Sex After Fifty is broken up into 18 chapters and the first eight chapters (147 pages) are an informative read for folks of any age. The last ten chapters cover topics that may or may not be important to you, like sex without erections, elderly dating, or sex after cancer. Each chapter provides real-world information and gives several perspectives for the reader to consider. After all, there is NOT one right way to have sex and this book makes that Astroglide clear. The book also provides a lot of great resources and quotes from some of the worlds leading sex experts like Charlie Glickman, Gina OgdenTristan Taormino and Christopher Ryan. There are eleven pages of resources at the end of the book, for those who want more reading on any of the intriguing sex-related topics covered in the book.

One of my favorite features of The Ultimate Guide to Sex After Fifty are the anonymous blurbs from Joan’s readers that are sprinkled throughout the book. These stories and quips provide specific snapshots of common sexual obstacles, but also demonstrate how people found the sex of their lives after fifty—stories of which are sorely missing in our wrinkle-free world. So, this book deserves credit for not just pointing out the obvious obstacles of sex over fifty, but also the rewards for those willing to put forth the effort to overcome those same obstacles.

In conclusion, I’m happy to report that The Ultimate Guide to Sex After Fifty breaks the mold of boring sex manuals, and everyone should benefit from reading this well written sex guide. The science is spot-on (g and p included) and there are 18 concise chapters, even if some of them won’t pertain to you. The information presented is both clear and compassionate and has me thinking about how much life, and sex, I have to look forward to if I am lucky enough to make it to age 50, in 2024.

Good Reads,
Mr. Science

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