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Jun 17 / Mr. Science

Google “Sex Trivia”

Google Algorithm CartoonHere at Sex Your Brain!, we work hard to make sure that our sexual science content is both accurate and original.

Unfortunately, the beast that is the Google Algorithm cannot decipher new, well researched information from the fresh piles of Spammy Dung Droppings (SDD) so prevalent on the internet. Therefore, sites less than two years old, like this one, have difficulty ranking highly in Google (even with hundreds of backlinks) and this is called being in the Google sandbox—but it smells a lot more like SDD than plain old sand.

Google assumes that if your site lasts a couple years with a bunch of backlinks, it must not be the SDD they assumed it was for two whole friggin’ years. (We are five months away from the two year mark at Sex Your Brain, but who’s counting.)

I know, I know, I need to chill out because Google is simply trying to avoid having useless spam sites show up in their searches—which people don’t like any more than I like smelling like SDD.

However Google’s long sandbox period does more than just take care of the spam. It also takes care of is Google because it forces quality, young sites to advertise with Google Ad Words until they get out of the sandbox and start ranking organically.

CHA-CHING!! (That’s the sound of Google sized coins falling into a piggy bank).

I am sick of paying six cents per click (I’m REALLY cheap) to the SAME company that currently ranks this site #16 in their results for “sex trivia”, while we’re #1 or #2 for “sex trivia” on both Yahoo and Bing.

So, what am I going to do about it?

I’m not sure…but probably just brood and rant some more. I’m in no position to take on the Google algorithm for the steaming heap of SDD that it is. So, I’ll just keep putting out quality content (as Google so “kindly” recommends) and wait my turn out of the minor leagues (Yahoo & Bing).

Smelly Mr. Science

PS. To help launch us from the sandbox, please post a link to our homepage.

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