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Apr 10 / Mr. Science

Sex Mysteries

Mysteries of SEX Unraveled is the new tagline for my not-so-old website: Sex Trivia 101. Just don’t get me started on my “Search Engine Optimization” of this phrase–which is far more painful than any sexually transmitted infection!

Mysteries of SEX Unraveled is also the new subtitle for my book in progress: Sperm Have Brains? and I like how it defines that there are still mysteries about sex to answer. But what about all those people who have said to me: “Don’t adults already know everything about sex?” They could be right. Then again, I think there are a few mysteries left out there worth discussing.

Consider the openendedness of these answers to some “simple” sex questions:

So here’s a toast to those know-it-alls…sometimes ignorance is bliss! (While other times ignorance just makes for a lousy lover.)

-Mr. Science


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