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Feb 8 / Mr. Science

Search Me!

After less than two weeks of having up and running, I am pleased to see that it is in the top 10 of multiple google searches!  The next question is: How many people actually find my blog/site by searching? Well, thanks to Google Analytics, I can answer that, at least for google searches…

33 visits from “do sperm have brains”

15 visits following “sperm brain”

1 visit from “”

1 visit  from “spermbrain”

As for the yahoo search engine, all I know is that my website is the #1 search result for both “do sperm have brains” and “sperm brain”…yahoooo! Now, getting to show up under some more typical web searches like “sex trivia” may take a little more time and a lot more search engine optimization (SEO)…