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Mar 8 / Mr. Science

Sex Survey Results: Gender Differences

Sex Survey

Over the last year, our sex survey has become our most popular webpage and also one of the biggest ongoing sex surveys on the internet. Now it’s time to post some categorized survey results for all of our sexy supporters!

This week, we released the sex survey results for men, age 30-39 and for women, age 30-39. Please have a gander at our survey stats and share what you learn!

Or, if you’re too lazy to sort through the sex survey results, let me highlight some of the key gender differences for those of us in our 30s.

Five Significant Gender Differences: 30-39 Year Olds
  1. Women are over twice as likely to consider themselves “bisexual”.
  2. Nearly three times as many women do NOT enjoy giving oral sex (23% vs. 8.3%).
  3. 16.6% of women crave sex once/week or less, whereas only 1.6% of men crave sex this infrequently.
  4. Three times as many women have been told by a doctor to abstain from having sex for some period of time.
  5. Only 3.8% of men do NOT enjoy pornography, compared to 36% of women.

So, what are the explanations for these notable gender differences?

1. The fact that women show much greater diversity in their sexual attraction has been documented in a variety of scientific studies. But the fact that 1/9 women aged 30-39 in this study identifies as “bisexual” and are EQUALLY attracted to both genders is astonishing. I would appreciate your comments as to the evolutionary, cultural or social reasons you think so many 30-something women are bisexual.

2. This one surprised me because I’ve seen 3,154 more articles written about “What to do if your guy won’t go down there…” than I have about what to do if a female partner doesn’t enjoy giving oral sex. So, while I don’t have an explanation for this gender difference (Perhaps the articles worked?), I would like to offer my sincere apologies to all the under-appreciated penises out there!

3. This is the one that big pharma would like cash in on and why they keep looking for the magic pill to heighten women’s sexual cravings – but to no avail. The fact that ten times as many women crave sex once/week or less simply demonstrates the sex drive differences that some (heterosexual) couples face. I am not implying that women never want sex more than their male partners, but it is important to point out how common it is for females to crave sex far less frequently than their male counterparts.

4. This one is easy to explain since 30-39 year old women are “scientifically” more likely to have given birth than their male peers. Doctors often tell postpartum women to abstain from sex for at least a couple of weeks, although they might do just as well to tell the woman’s male partner the same thing!

5. The difference in men’s/women’s enjoyment of pornography is easily explained, not by the difference in men’s and women’s brains, but in the malecentric pornography that dominates the adult entertainment industry. Pornography is rarely made by/for women, and so it’s no wonder that many women do not enjoy main stream pornography. However, there have been some SLOW movements towards more female oriented pornography, so perhaps this gender difference will narrow over time and with the advances of producers like Tristan Taormino.

That’s all for now, but I’ll be back to write about the surprising gender similarities from our sex survey sometime soon! Please take a few minutes to take the survey and share it with your friends if you haven’t already…

Mr. Science

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