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Mar 15 / Mr. Science

Sex Survey Stats

Here is what 6,000 sex survey takers have been waiting for, the update of all of our most recent sex survey statistics. Well, not ALL of our 200,000+ raw survey answers – I have to keep a few surprises for my book – but a fun summary of our most recent sex survey stats.

Recent Sex Survey Stats:

Updated March, 2012

91.9% have masturbated to orgasm.

Sex Survey87.3% have talked dirty to a partner.
84.3% enjoy giving oral sex.
82.6% enjoy pornography.
80.4% have had an orgasm from oral sex.

77.8% have massaged a partner for their OWN enjoyment.
75.6% have tried a sex position that did NOT work.
70.1% regularly trim or shave their pubic hair.

69.7% have had sex in public location.
69.6% define their sexual attraction as “purely straight”.
62.5% have been to a strip club.
61.8% regretted a sexual decision.
61.0% have used a sex toy on themselves.
61.0% have read a “how-to” book about sex.
60.2% have had sex while watching pornography.

58.2% have had anal sex.
57.9% say that the size of their partners sex organs (incl. breasts) are important.
54.7% have taken erotic photos of a partner.

49.3% crave sex daily.
47.9% have been skinny dipping in a public location.
47.9% have had sex with someone whose first OR last name they did not know.
46.9% have experienced or witnessed live female ejaculation.
43.5% have performed a strip tease.
42.3% have experienced a sexual dysfunction or difficulty.
41.1% have had 5-19 lifetime sexual partners.

39.6% have watched someone of the same sex masturbate.
38.0% have had 0-4 lifetime sexual partners.
36.4% have watched another couple have sex.

29.7% have had sex with someone 20+ years older OR younger.
29.4% crave sex every 2-3 days.
28.1% have had sex with two or more people simultaneously.
26.2% have had sex with someone of the same gender.
20.9% have had 20+ lifetime sexual partners.

18.9% define their sexual attraction as “mostly straight”.
18.0% have had dual webcam sex.
15.0% have had a sexually transmitted infection.
13.7% crave sex once a week or less.
11.1% have been to a swingers club.

9.8% have been told to abstain from sex by a medical professional.
8.3% crave sex every 4-5 days.
7.5% define their sexual attraction as “bisexual”.
5.5% have received medical attention for a sex related injury.
2.0% define their sexual attraction as “mostly gay”.
1.3% define their sexual attraction as “purely gay”.
0.5% never crave sex.

Thanks to everyone who has participated in our sexual survey, your honesty will educate the world.

We continue to update our subscribers with more interesting sex survey stats, as the results pour in.

-Mr. Science

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