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Aug 27 / Mr. Science

Sexiest Blogs of 2011

Check out this great blog that is seeking nominations for the sexiest blogs of 2011.

Then, nominate Sex Your Brain, or any other great sex related blog, before the deadline of August 31, 2011. Thanks for your support and make sure to check out some of the other sex blogs nominated, as many of them include hard working writers who rarely get noticed, despite their vivacious subject matter.

Thanks for all your support and I hope to get back to more regular sex trivia blogs in the next couple weeks, including updates about the sex survey—which now totals nearly 3,500 completed surveys!

Sex Trivia Fact of the Week:

Testosterone (one of the primary libido hormones) is 20-30% higher in the morning for both women and men. Interestingly, this higher level of testosterone isn’t thought to be the primary explanation for “morning wood”, but it is a nice explanation for why many couples cherish their weekend mornings in bed…

Mr. Science

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