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Jul 21 / Mr. Science

Am I Normal?

People often wonder how normal their genitals are—and for good reason since most people (who are heterosexuals) have few opportunities to compare their sex organs.

Therefore, many of the most common sex questions are versions of: “Am I normal?”

Common Sex Questions:

How big is the average penis?

Are folds and flaps normal down THERE?

How big is a normal vagina?

However, my answers in the links above come up well short of the following GREAT videos, one for each gender, which enlighten how many different sizes and shapes human genitals come in.

Both videos are incredibly informative and worth every second of your time.

I would rate both videos somewhere around PG-13…but I’m all about freedom of speech when it comes to sex education.

-Mr. Science

The Perfect Vagina


My Penis and Everyone Else’s

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