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Dec 16 / Mr. Science

Do Female Orgasms Aid Egg Fertilization?

Best-selling author Mary Roach included a whole chapter on this question in her book Bonk. The fourth chapter, “The Upsuck Chronicles”, concludes with a fertility expert saying: “I think by now you know how science is. You think you know a lot until you start to ask some really basic questions, and then you realize you know nothing. I know a lot about artificial insemination, but I have no idea about the answer to [this] very simple question.”

Sperm & EggScientists don’t know if female orgasms, or uterine contractions, improve the likelihood of fertilization, or pregnancy—but I think monitoring the spermy success of humans, with or without uterine contractions, must be easier than figuring out how women orgasm in the first place!

Some animals offer easier, and less shy, reproductive subjects:

Uterine contractions have been shown to increase pregnancy in pigs—so much so that some lucky farm workers manually “stimulate” sows during artificial insemination. Interestingly (to ME anyway), pig farmers don’t know if the sows actually orgasm, just that the uterine contractions increase the number of little piggies. (Next time you enjoy your Grand Slam breakfast, don’t forget to mentally tip the bacon stimulators.)

Many female cats have sex induced ovulation (egg release) that triggered by the spines on a male cat’s penis. The backward spines scrape and puncture the vaginal walls and this triggers ovulation…also explaining the wild screeching noises heard in the back alley. (Dear mom, I still prefer your “Oh, it’s just a cat fight…”)


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  1. naturegirl / Dec 9 2011

    Oh I’m certain that female orgasms aid fertilisation! That’s how i fell pregnant for my second child! Hubby & I made love without contraception barely three days after my period had finished, something we had indulged in many times before without incident, but on this occasion I had an almighty orgasm & lo and behold, a few weeks later I’m pregnant.
    I have seen a film showing how the cervix tilts forward and down into the semen in the vagina during an orgasm, and I believe that the rush of hormones that accompany an orgasm can stimulate the ovaries into releasing an ovum prematurely!

    • Mr. Science / Dec 19 2011

      Great input naturegirl, I think you have a great point that female orgasm could effect ovulation more than anything else. The female body definitely delays the timing of its cycle based on stress, sickness and lack of calories…so there is no reason it couldn’t adjust the other direction when the time (or ORGASM) is just right! :)

      Thanks for adding the great input and personal experience!

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