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Jun 16 / Mr. Science

Should I get a labial piercing?

Over the last few weeks, I’ve gotten some fascinating sex questions. Please keep them coming and I’ll try to keep up on my answers.

Colorful Body Piercings

Question: Should I get my labia pierced?

Answer: Choosing to put an extra hole in any body part is a big decision, let alone in your genitals. Getting a labial piercing is something you should consider carefully using the following four questions:

1. Why do you want to pierce your labia?

  • If it’s for added sexual pleasure, you’d be much better off buying a vibrator.
  • If it’s to please someone else, it’s probably a bad idea. (I guess it’s not as stupid as getting a tattoo for someone—at least the piercing can be removed.)
  • If you simply like the thought/image of putting metal bling in your labia, read on.

2. Where exactly do you want the piercing?

  • Do NOT get a piercing through your clitoris as it is too sensitive. Most female genital piercings are done through the clitoral hood or parts of their labial lips
  • Choose a location wisely and think if it be comfortable in everyday activities. (Imagine it rubbing you wrong on the elliptical.)

3. Are you comfortable having your intimate bits handled by the local piercer?

  • The piercer will probably be used to it, but will you be okay giving them complete access to your precious parts…
  • Also, you may want to ask your sexual partner what they think about someone else handling your bits during the piercing. (Assuming your partner is not a professional piercer.)
4. Can you find an experienced piercer?
  • If I were going to get surgery on my genitals, I would make certain to get the best damn doc around. Piercing is no different!
  • If you don’t know a professional piercer, here is a great resource for finding one. Make sure to ask questions of your potential piercer to find out how much experience they have with labial piercings.
  • Listen to your professional piercer’s advice on caring for your new piercing. You want to avoid a piercing infection!
So in the end, the decision to get a labial piercing is totally up to you and hopefully these questions will help you make the right choice…
-Mr. Science


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  1. Thanatos / Jun 17 2011

    Only approx 5-10% of women have a clitoris that is large enough to pierce. What most women get (and what is commonly referred to as a ‘clit’ piercing by many who know no better) is a clitoral hood piercing. There is a ‘chance’ that an actual clitoral piercing will make the clitoris become numb or less sensitive, but it’s NOT a given by any means. Personally, I would stay away from one if you happen to be one who could actually get one, but that’s just my opinion. I do piercings BTW.

    NEVER get a piericng or ink because someone else wants you too. Both should always be a personal decision of your’s and without consideration to other’s wishes. While piercings can be removed, they will still leave a mark and internal scar tissue that CAN be felt and never goes away – if you get enough, or large enough ones, then someone can tell that you’ve had then…..just saying.

    Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find a good piercer that you can trust – and trust is a MAJOR thing with any tattoo artist or piercer! When you see someone with a nice piercing, ask then who did it, they will probably be happy to tell you. Also, there are a few piercing sites that you can get reviews and information from about piercers and piercings.

    MOST sexual piericngs will NOT aid in making sex feel better for you. A properly done clitoral hood piercings will feel good to you in clothes – I’ve know many women who have them and can climax walking down the street (Not always the best timing or most pleasant thing….lol). Nipple piercings can definitely increase the sensitivity of the nipples. Any other piercing that increases sexual pleasure is most likely psychological, not the actual piercing. Hell, my Prince Albert doesn’t even add to sensitivity other than if it’s pulled on and the psychological rush… nipple ring DOES increase the sensitivity though.

  2. Mr. Science / Jun 17 2011

    Great advice Thanatos, thanks for your expert opinion, it is much appreciated!

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