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Mar 28 / Mr. Science

Funny Medical Terms

There are plenty of outstanding medical doctors but there are also a few jerky ones who use medical terminology to show off. Sure, scientists use Latin to reduce confusion between different languages but there is little need for this in a doctor’s office. To most of us, a brilliant medical doctor who uses the funny term “eructation” instead of “burp” sounds like they are egotistically reliving their spelling-bee glory-days.

So what is the purpose of all these funny medical terms anyway? Perhaps they help us (as the patients) believe that we are getting our money’s worth during our 3 minutes/$213 doctor’s exam. Yeah, “tumescent” chance!

Medical Mumbo-Jumbo
Pair funny medical terms with their synonyms & maybe you too can make $71/minute.
Medical Jargon Matching:
1. Tumescent:

2. Myocardial infarction:

3. Erectile dysfunction:

4. Cicatrice:

5. Mettelschmerz:


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  1. seolace / May 6 2010

    Nice post, thanks for writing!

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