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Sep 23 / Mr. Science

Sex Related News Quiz

There have been an excess of interesting sex related news stories lately. So here’s a fun sex related news quiz to see how well you’ve been keeping up…

Recent News Quiz:
1. What percentage of the one million most popular websites are porn sites?

2. Which animal was recently in the news for having its semen collected by an "electroejaculation" probe?

3. Which human group was recently told by the world's largest sperm bank: "Please, no more donations!"?

4. Which product was recently recalled because of a major packaging mistake?

5. In four years of medical school, how much training does the average doctor get on LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) patients?

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  1. Kat / Dec 20 2011

    Thanks…a lot of these are in your sex trivia test, which helped me break into the sex-pert only category. Time to celebrate my new sexy status by…


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