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Jan 18 / Mr. Science

Quiz: Sex Your Brain!

Sex Your Brain!

How sexy smart are you?

After nearly a year of updating this website and blog, I am glad to have finally settled on a fitting name: Sex Your Brain. As you may imagine, it was extremely difficult for me to select a concise site name that also encapsulated the unique trivia questions, answers, and quizzes that this website is based upon.

Fortunately, I think “Sex Your Brain” does this far better than the previous site names—which were selected more for their searchability. In celebration of the new name, here’s a spanking new quiz on which to stretch, or sex, your brain:

Sex Your Brain - Blog Quiz:
I. What was my original blogging name before I began using "Mr. Science"?

II. What was the original name for this website?

III. What is Mr. Science's profession?

IV. After less than a year in operation, how many monthly pageviews does this site receive?

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