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Female Sex Survey Results: Age 30-39

Female Sex Survey Results: Age 30-39

93.1% have masturbated to orgasm.
90.0% have used a sex toy on themselves.

Sex Survey

89.5% regularly trim, shave or wax their pubic hair.
86.9% have talked dirty to someone.
86.0% have had an orgasm from oral sex.
83.9% have had sex in a public location.
82.0% enjoy GIVING oral sex.

76.6% have massaged someone for OWN enjoyment.
76.4% have regretted a sexual decision.
75.9% have had sex while watching pornography.

68.1% enjoy looking at pornography.
64.4% consider themselves “purely straight”.
64.1% are in a monogamous relationship.
63.8% have read a how-to book about sex.
62.9% think the proportions of their partner’s sex organs are important.
61.4% have done a strip-tease.

53.5% have taken erotic photos of a partner.
52.3% have been to a strip club.
51.0% have had sex with someone whose first or last name they did NOT know.

45.2% have watched someone of the SAME gender masturbate.
44.0% are always comfortable with their sexuality.
41.7% are usually comfortable with their sexuality.
41.5% crave sex daily
40.9% have been skinny dipping in a public location.

39.4% are moderately happy with their sex life.
38.1% have watched another couple have sex.
36.7% have had sex with two or more people simultaneously.
34.9% have had sex with someone of the same gender.
31.3% are extremely satisfied with their sex life.
30.4% crave sex every 2-3 days.

26.3% have had sex with someone 20+ years older OR younger than themselves.
25.8% are “single” or “dating”.
25.5% have had a sexually transmitted disease or infection.
25.2% have had 1-4 lifetime sexual partners.
24.1% consider themselves “mostly straight”.
22.9% have had 5-9 lifetime sexual partners.
21.8% have been told by a doctor to abstain from sex.
21.7% have had 30+ lifetime sexual partners.
20.5% have had 10-19 lifetime sexual partners.

13.5% have been to an orgy or swingers club.
12.7% are moderately unhappy with their sex life.
11.6% are sometimes comfortable with their sexuality.
10.8% feel neutral about the quality of their sex life.
10.1% are in a polyamorous relationship.
10.0% crave sex every 4-5 days.
10.0% crave sex 1-3 times per month.

9.3% have had 20-29 lifetime sexual partners.
9.2% consider themselves “bisexual”.
5.8% are extremely dissatisfied with their sex life.
5.8% received medical attention for a sex related INJURY.
4.2% crave sex every 6-10 days.
2.7% crave sex a few times per year.
2.3% are rarely comfortable with their sexuality.
1.5% consider themselves “purely gay”.
0.8% never crave sex.
0.8% consider themselves “mostly gay”.
0.4% have had NO lifetime sexual partners.