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Complete Sex Survey Results

Complete Sex Survey Results (6,000+ surveys):

Updated March 8, 2012

91.9% have masturbated to orgasm.

Sex Survey87.3% have talked dirty to a partner.
84.3% enjoy giving oral sex.
82.6% enjoy pornography.
80.4% have had an orgasm from oral sex.

77.8% have massaged a partner for their OWN enjoyment.
75.6% have tried a sex position that did NOT work.
70.1% regularly trim or shave their pubic hair.

69.7% have had sex in public location.
69.6% define their sexual attraction as “purely straight”.
62.5% have been to a strip club.
61.8% regretted a sexual decision.
61.0% have used a sex toy on themselves.
61.0% have read a “how-to” book about sex.
60.2% have had sex while watching pornography.

58.2% have had anal sex.
57.9% say that the size of their partners sex organs (including breasts) are important.
54.7% have taken erotic photos of a partner.

49.3% crave sex daily.
47.9% have been skinny dipping in a public location.
47.9% have had sex with someone whom they did not know their first OR last name.
46.9% have experienced or witnessed live female ejaculation.
43.5% have performed a strip tease.
42.3% have experienced a sexual dysfunction or difficulty.
41.1% have had 5-19 lifetime sexual partners.

39.6% have watched someone of the same sex masturbate.
38.0% have had 0-4 lifetime sexual partners.
36.4% have watched another couple have sex.

29.7% have had sex with someone 20+ years older OR younger.
29.4% crave sex every 2-3 days.
28.1% have had sex with two or more people simultaneously.
26.2% have had sex with someone of the same gender.
20.9% have had 20+ lifetime sexual partners.

18.9% define their sexual attraction as “mostly straight”.
18.0% have had dual webcam sex.
15.0% have had a sexually transmitted infection.
13.7% crave sex once a week or less.
11.1% have been to a swingers club.

9.8% have been told to abstain from sex by a medical professional.
8.3% crave sex every 4-5 days.
7.5% define their sexual attraction as “bisexual”.
5.5% have received medical attention for a sex related injury.
2.0% define their sexual attraction as “mostly gay”.
1.3% define their sexual attraction as “purely gay”.
0.5% never crave sex.

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