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2013 Sex Survey Results and Averages

The Results of 5,000+ Sex Surveys:

Here are the results of over a year of gathering anonymous internet sex surveys for science. What you’re seeing is the overall averages for the 5,000+ surveys collected. Soon, I will be posting the data broken down for gender and age so you can compare yourself with your peers. If you haven’t already, please take the survey. Thanks for your interest and participation in these educational sex survey results:
Sex Survey

94.4% have masturbated to orgasm.
87.2% enjoy GIVING oral sex.

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85.9% have talked dirty to someone.
83.1% enjoy looking at pornography.
82.9% have had an orgasm from oral sex.

78.7% have massaged someone for their OWN enjoyment.
72.7% consider themselves “purely straight”.
70.3% have had sex in a public location.

69.2% regularly trim, shave or wax their pubic hair.
65.2% are in a monogamous relationship.
65.1% have been to a strip club.
63.9% have used a sex toy on themselves.


63.2% have had sex while watching pornography.
63.1% have read a how-to book about sex.
61.7% have regretted a sexual decision.

57.6% think the proportions of their partner’s sex organs are important.
53.7% have taken erotic photos of a partner.
50.2% crave sex daily

49.3% have had sex with someone whose first or last name they did NOT know.
47.6% have been skinny dipping in a public location.


42.0% are usually comfortable with their sexuality.
41.8% have done a strip-tease.
41.7% are always comfortable with their sexuality.

37.4% have watched another couple have sex.
37.2% have watched someone of the SAME gender masturbate.
35.2% are moderately happy with their sex life.
32.6% have had 1-4 lifetime sexual partners.

29.8% have had sex with someone 20+ years older OR younger than themselves.
29.1% have had sex with two or more people simultaneously.
28.9% crave sex every 2-3 days.
28.2% are “single” or “dating”.
24.3% are extremely satisfied with their sex life.
23.5% have had sex with someone of the same gender.
21.8% have had 5-9 lifetime sexual partners.

19.6% have had 10-19 lifetime sexual partners.
17.9% consider themselves “mostly straight”.
17.7% are moderately unhappy with their sex life.
16.9% have had a sexually transmitted disease or infection.
15.3% have had 30+ lifetime sexual partners.
13.5% feel neutral about the quality of their sex life.
11.5% are sometimes comfortable with their sexuality.
10.9% have been to an orgy or swingers club.

9.5% have been told by a doctor to abstain from sex.
9.4% are extremely dissatisfied with their sex life.
8.3% crave sex every 4-5 days.
8.1% have had 20-29 lifetime sexual partners.
6.6% are in a polyamorous relationship.
6.1% consider themselves “bisexual”.
4.9% received medical attention for a sex related INJURY.
4.8% crave sex every 6-10 days.
4.8% crave sex 1-3 times per month.
3.6% are rarely comfortable with their sexuality.
2.6% have had NO lifetime sexual partners.
1.9% crave sex a few times per year.
1.6% consider themselves “purely gay”.
1.4% consider themselves “mostly gay”.
1.2% never crave sex.
1.1% are never comfortable with their sexuality.

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