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Jan 29 / Mr. Science

How long does sex take?

After spending a few hours trying to find scientific data to answer this question for Do Sperm Have Brains?, I concluded that, as usual, this sexual health question was trickier than I had anticipated. I was unable to find the average duration of sexual intercourse for humans, despite the fact that this information was readily available for many other animals. I did find some sexual health survey data, but it was dubious at best. For example, how accurately would (or could) you respond if you were surveyed for the duration of your last sexual encounter? Maybe a few science geeks would say: “Well today I clocked in at 3 minutes and 22 seconds,” but they would certainly be the odd exceptions!

Arthropod Facts: Different insects require different mating times.

  • Mosquito–quicker and cheaper than a Super Bowl commercial.
  • Fruit Fly–just enough time during the no-so-super halftime show.
  • Damselfly–screw the halftime show, they can go longer than an entire half!

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  1. Waterboy / Mar 17 2010

    I usually treat it like a track event and go for the fastest time possible.

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