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Mar 18 / Mr. Science

Lower Left Testicle vs. Super-Testy

Male fact: The majority of men have a left testicle that hangs lower than their right. Some reports say the percentage of men having a lower left testicle is 60/40, others say 80/20. Whatever the statistics, isn’t it a bit odd that a man’s left nut usually droops lower than his right? Then again, I guess it’s no different than most of us being right-handed.

Note: Urban Dictionary has this definition for “left testicle“: “The testicle that is always slacking off while the right one does the work.”  It has even been reported that a man’s left nut is usually smaller than the right…poor little left testicle.

Perhaps my next blog should include the supernatural abilities of the larger and higher ranking right testicle to defy the laws of gravity, or maybe a new super-hero?  Da-dah-da-dut–da-daaa…Super-Testy to the rescue!

-Mr. Science


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  1. Douglas (Dana) Goncz, CPS / Apr 28 2010

    There is an evolutionary advantage to having a heart located off-center. Ours happened to evolve to be on the left. The vessels leading to and from the left testy number more and are larger than the ones for the right testy. Most varicocelectomies are done left-side.
    In physics, this evolutionary advantage is called “symmetry breaking”. If your heart is on-center, you have to defend it with either hand. If it isn’t, you can defend with one hand (the shield hand of ancient times) and attack with the other. In evolution, specialists win by a small advantage multiplied over many generations.
    Many social traditions can be traced to this ancient broken symmetry. Driving on the right, using the left hand for the wedding ring, sitting at the right hand of the king or one’s partner….
    More about testys: when a man’s testosterone levels are down, the testicles grow to make more, so big, impressive testys are a sign of relative impotence. When doctors supplement testosterone with patches or gels, usually the testicles, relieved of their burden, will shrink.

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