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Oct 18 / Mr. Science

Sex 101 – Ten Sex Facts

Sex 101—the facts that few people fathom. There are hundred–if not millions–of things that people don’t know about sex. Here’s my top ten list of important facts:

10. Sex is NOT a dirty word, or activity…messy, maybe, but not dirty.

9. I’ve heard 101 mumblings that teenage boys think about sex all the time, but it’s simply not true. Sure, they think about sex more than they did before puberty, but teenage boys are pretty self-absorbed and are—hopefully—not having any sex to think about!

8. Sex is NOT just an animal thing. Sexual reproduction also takes place in plants too, just without penises and vaginas. Pollen (sperm) is instead transferred by wind, water or pollinators—like a bee.

7. Sex is a taboo subject to discuss and this taboo is pure foolishness. How on earth can we dispel our sexual misunderstandings unless we actually talk about them!? Here’s a great blog on this very topic: Sexy Time: Why the Taboo?

6. Some people argue that sex shouldn’t be taught in the schools. So, where should kids learn about the most important biological process in life? I guess we could leave it up to parents, the mass media and porn-filled internet searches…that’s a great idea.

5. Men and women do NOT talk about sex equally. Men talk about—and hear about—sex far less than women. Check out this great blog for more info on the scarcity of male sex educators: Wanted: A Few (more) Good Men.

4. Men do NOT necessarily want sex more than women. Sexual hormones and urges change throughout our lives for both genders and men and women appreciate varying amounts of sexual contact at different times. The important piece of sexual desire is effective communication between partners so that we understand our partner’s 101 desires—or occasional lack of!

3. Sexual slang words are not scary, they are just a normal part of society. In fact, social scientists studying ancient languages have found that sexual slang words were common in every ancient culture. Vulva or penis petroglyphs anyone?

2. People do NOT choose if they are homosexual. People may take time to figure out their sexual identity, but they have no “choice” in their brain chemicals that affect their sexual selection.

1. Sex is simply NOT as simple as “Open X. Insert Y.” Sex is a complicated emotional and physical activity that scientists still know little about. Check out this post on why people kiss: Why We Kiss — The Science of Sex.

-Sex Trivia with Mr. Science


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