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Mar 31 / Mr. Science

Sex Fact or Fiction

Sex FactsThere are internet pages galore with loads of sex facts…but what about their sources? Sadly, most “sex facts” are merely internet myths or urban legend.

For example, here’s a Facebook page of 125 sex facts that is one of the “better” lists of sex facts, with nearly a quarter of a million fans. I guess everybody loves a good sex fact, even if it’s really just sex fiction.

Sexy internet “facts” from Facebook:

Sex Fact #37: Drinking lots of pineapple juice will produce sweet SPERM.

  • Fact Analysis: Drinking pineapple juice will not turn your swimmers into yellow gummy bears—nor is it likely to change the taste of your SEMEN.

Sex Fact #22: A man’s testicles increase 50% in size when he’s aroused.

  • Fact Analysis: It’s true that testicles often swell by 50% during peak sexual arousal. But amazingly, Masters & Johnson (who have fabulous names for sex researchers!) found that men’s testicular volume can DOUBLE during prolonged sexual excitement!

Sex Fact#9: The average couple has 20 minutes of foreplay before intercourse.

  • Fact Analysis: Nobody has reliable sex stats on the average time of foreplay.  Somehow, I don’t think surveying people with stopwatches would work…

Sex Fact #30: It takes an hour for a sperm to swim seven inches.

  • Fact Analysis: 7-8 inches (18cm) per hour is spot on for a healthy human sperm cell.

Sex Fact #40: There are 100 million acts of sexual intercourse each day.

  • Fact Analysis: There are roughly 4.6 billion adults on Earth. So if 100 million couples “do it” every day, that means 4.1% (or one out of 24) adults have sex on any given day. The 100 million guesstimate is WAY low.

Sex Fact #45: 75% of men hang their penis to the left in their pants.

  • Fact Analysis: That’s ridiculous. Men do not point their penises one direction or the other. At least not in their pants.

That’s enough sex trivia for me today. I’m off to tabulate the nearly 400 sex surveys that have come in over the last month and update them to the Survey Results.

-Mr. Science

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