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Aug 31 / Mr. Science

Sexy News Stories – August, 2011

Monthly summary of sexy news stories posted to our Facebook Page

August’s Sexy News Stories:
  • Who is Afraid of Hope Solo’s Nipple? – Why are we so afraid of the human body that we airbrush fully covered nipples off an American sports hero?
  • 15 Strangest Sexual Fetishes – A photographic gallery (non-erotic) of strange sexual fetishes, some much freakier (Ursuagalmatophilia) than others (Salirophilia).
  • Beyond a Public Health Model of Sexuality Education – Another quality article stressing the importance of early, and comprehensive, sex education.
  • Boost Your Libido with Vitamin B – The importance of vitamin B to a healthy sex life.
  • No Sex Education Please, We’re Chinese – An interesting look at the lack of sex education in China, and the problems it is causing.
  • Sex on the Brain – What areas of women’s brain correspond to different erogenous regions.
  • Rick Perry on Abstinence (video) – Governor and presidential hopeful Rick Perry defends his policies of abstinence only education in Texas, despite Texas having the 3rd highest teen pregnancy rate in the nation.
  • Bisexuals Do Exist – A new report documents that bisexuals exist—dispelling the silly conjectures that bisexuals are actually closeted homosexuals.
  • How Our Fear of Teen Sexuality Leaves More Teens Vulnerable – Former Surgeon General (and one of my idols) Joycelyn Elders explains why best teen contraceptive in the world is simply a good education.

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Happy September,
-Mr. Science

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