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Why do women get PMS?

‘PMS’ should actually stand for Pre-Menstrual Strength,
because that is what it really is: our female power turned in on itself.

–Lara Owen

Women’s hormone levels fluctuate throughout their menstrual cycles, and a variety of emotional and physical changes accompany these hormonal shifts, especially right before menstruation.

If it is baffling to hear a woman get mad over a forgotten box of cereal on the counter, or enraged over an overflowing garbage can, just remember that these reactions may simply result from fluctuating hormone levels. (Alternately, it could be that someone is a nitwit for forgetting to take the trash out—exactly one month after the cereal box incident.)

Internet Analogies of PMS:
1. Basically, man's worst nightmare.

2. A nasty array of symptoms that come from a hormonally upset woman.

3. An echoing Southwest commercial: "Wanna get away?"

4. The transformation of woman to beast, occurring once every month.