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Why are people homosexual?

I was raised around heterosexuals…
That’s where us gay people come from—you heterosexuals.

–Ellen DeGeneres

Determining why some people are homosexual is impossible, but most self-described gays argue that their sexual identity was clear to them at a young age, and that they had NO choice in determining their sexual attraction.

Furthermore, categorizing someone by one sexual identity—homosexual, bisexual or heterosexual—is wrong because many people float on a continuum somewhere between straight and gay.

Gay Math & Marriage Quiz:
1. Which of the following countries does NOT allow homosexuals to legally marry?

2. If 2% of U.S. citizens are openly gay, which large city has a similar population?

3. Which one of these states does NOT allow legal unions for homosexuals?

4. How many different species have been documented in homosexual behavior?