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Dec 6 / Mr. Science

Facebook & Sex: What People Share

Facebook has over 500 million active users and many of those Facebookers publicly share details of their lives. But how accurately do Facebookers share themselves and what do they NOT share when it comes to sex?

What people share on Facebook:

Facebook Fun

  • Facebookers brag about their kids, or pets. (Photos don’t SOUND like bragging.)
  • They complain about their lunch. (Psst, NOBODY cares.)
  • Facebookers love to spit at the opposing political party. (“I’ll be long gone before some smart person figures out what happened inside this Oval Office!” –G.W. Bush)
  • Fanatical Facebookers cheer their favorite team. (Go Beavers!)
  • Some faithful Facebookers praise God. (God is online?!)
  • Fit Facebookers list their daily exercises. (Making the rest of us feel frumpy.)
  • Facebook gamers “share” all sorts of imaginary crap the rest of us don’t want.

While Facebookers post the most intimate details of their Lunchables, they leave one topic absent from their list: SEX. In fact, Facebookers avoid liking or posting almost anything related to sex!

For example, more than twice as many Facebookers “like” pizza than those who “like” sex! Is sex really that unpopular? Doubtful. Rather, people are just publicly shy about sex.

Interestingly, Facebookers have no problem using Facebook to GET sex. Here’s a post that discusses how 11% of British Facebookers have had sex with someone they MET via Facebook.

11% isn’t much, but I would be ecstatic if just 11% of my many readers liked Sex Your Brain!

-Mr. Science

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