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Nov 18 / Mr. Science

Kids Ask More Creative Questions

Vagina. Penis. Clitoris. Scrotum. What splendidly sexy organs we avoid—at least in tongue.

We learn at a young age that sexual body parts are unacceptable material for discussion. Unfortunately, the taboo of using these words means adults, and kids alike, miss out on some creative discussion topics like: Is the penis a muscle or a bone?

Consider these ridiculously realistic questions that most adults would never discuss:

Kids Say the Darndest Things

  • Seven year old: Why do penises look so funny?
  • Nine year old: Where is Barbie’s vagina?
  • Ten year old: Why are testicles so dangly?
  • Twelve year old: Do sperm know where to swim?
  • Fourteen year old: How can a vagina stretch big enough for a baby to get out?


These are all exceptional quiz questions that beg for discussion. IF adults questioned life in such open-minded fashion, we wouldn’t still be discussing the need for alternatives to petroleum, we’d already have them up and running.

Asking great questions sounds like an easy task, but creative questioning is more difficult than asking any old question. Creative questioning involves pinpointing the unknown, which kids—including my daugthers—are exceptional at isolating. (“Dad, why can’t I stay up a little later?”)

Furthermore, any scientist—worth her atoms—will tell you that one of the hardest parts of a successful experiment, besides finding money for it, was finding the creative question to study. Perhaps sex researchers should start hiring ten year olds—then again, maybe not!

So the next time you hang around with some creative kids (Sorry, the phrase “creative kids” is redundant.), ask them an open-ended question about life, the universe or fingernails. Find out what they are curious about and what they don’t understand and they will open your mind to a world, or galaxy, of new possibilities.



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