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Jan 28 / Mr. Science

My Book Shelf

The more I work on this project, the more sexual health books I discover. Many of them are not at the library, so my bookcase is really starting to scare me! Today I got another used sex book that answers a lot of the same questions in my book. However, instead of being written for the general adult population, this book is somewhat crassly aimed at the hookup/college student/singles crowd.

Notes from glancing over this sexual health book:

  • It’s a competitive publishing world out there, especially when it comes to books about sex.
  • There is a fine line between funny and crass, and it’s better to be neither than (cr)ass.
  • The sex trivia in Do Sperm Have Brains? is more interactive than the material in other sex books.

Societal fact: The Earth’s population (of humans) is rising rapidly. In fact, our global population grew by around 200,000 people just TODAY!