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Mar 20 / Mr. Science

Sex Ed – Frogs, Dogs & Humans…

Mr. ScienceI love this hysterical monologue by Julia Sweeney describing her explanations to an 8 year old about science of sex.

What starts off a simple science conversation about how frog eggs turn into tadpoles evolves into a discussion about how other animals (including humans) have sex, and even into watching dog mating videos on YouTube! This is a must see video…

We all want to be honest with our kids about sex, but sometimes it’s VERY difficult to do and just brings about more questions about sex.

There is no perfect way to teach about the science of sex to an eight year old (or an eighty year old), but I loved Julia’s story of how she did the best she could.

I firmly believe that the world would be a better place if more people were willing to explain frog sperm over a plate of green curry…

-Mr. Science

PS. My favorite analogy from the video: “It’s like having a waste treatment plant right next to an amusement park.”

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